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Verify Your Understanding of key concepts and skills in the section.

Maintenance and Repairs

All equipment must be regularly and properly maintained. This will ensure that the equipment stays in top operating condition. If equipment needs to be fixed, repairs must be made promptly. This will keep the foodservice operation running smoothly. The equipment must not be used until repairs are made to maintain kitchen safety.

It is important to follow proper maintenance procedures. This is true whether you are using a deep fat fryer or a manual can opener. Managers usually create an equipment maintenance and cleaning schedule. This schedule should be followed exactly for safety.


Owners of foodservice operations buy insurance to protect their business operations, facility, employees, and customers. There are many different types of insurance that are available. Insurance can be purchased


Small Bites

Facility Maintenance Many foodservice operations sign maintenance contracts with repair companies. Under these contracts, repair companies regularly visit the facility and perform routine maintenance.

to cover damage from fire, injury to customers, damage to equipment, employee disability, employee health, loss of life, theft, and loss of the business.

Insurance can be costly, however. Properly training employees in safety techniques and maintaining proper equipment maintenance schedules can help reduce the cost of insurance. These precautions help make the foodservice workplace a safer environment for workers and customers.

i^tEHiŒl Describe How can managers improve the safety of their facilities?

Review Key Concepts

1. Analyze why positive reinforcement and mentoring are good methods of employee training.

2. Describe the qualities of an effective work area.

3. Explain a manager's responsibility for equipment handling.

Practice Culinary Academics I English Language Arts

Read articles in trade publications about management issues such as scheduling conflicts, handling delayed orders, and equipment breakdowns. Briefly summarize each article and your thoughts in response to the article. Discuss the articles you read and your thoughts about them as a class. Attach copies of the article to your summary page and turn them in.


5. A small deli requires four employees: two sandwich makers (who earn $10.25/hour), a cashier (who earns $9.75/hour), and a manager (who earns $850/ week). If the deli is open 40 hours in a week, what are its total weekly labor costs? What is its average hourly cost?

CBEEHSIfc Calculating Labor Costs Calculate a company^ total direct labor cost for a time period by adding all salaries and wages paid to employees over that period. Labor costs may also be averaged per hour.

Starting Hint Calculate the weekly wages paid to the three hourly employees by multiplying each pay rate ($10.25/hour, $9.75/hour) by the number of hours worked per week (40). Add these amounts to the manager's weekly salary to find the total labor costs. Divide this sum by 40 to find the average hourly cost.

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