Roasted Turkey

^^ Place the cooked turkey on a clean, sanitary cutting surface. Allow the turkey to stand for 20 minutes.

^^ Remove the legs and thighs by pulling each leg away from the body with a fork. Use a boning knife to cut through the joint.

^^ Separate the thigh from the leg and cut through the joint.

Slice the meat off the thigh parallel to the bone.

Carve the bird along one side of its breastbone to remove a breast.

@Cut the breast meat into slices at an angle across the grain, or direction of muscle

fibers, of the flesh.

I The breast can also be carved without removing it from the bird. Make a horizontal cut just above the wing toward the rib bones.

¿1 Slice the breast meat at an angle.


Your recipe may call for you to sear poultry before it is roasted or baked. Searing means to brown the poultry's surface quickly over high heat, usually in a hot pan. Searing is also done by dredging, or coating poultry parts in seasoned flour and then browning them in a skillet. Searing helps seal in juices. This is commonly done with chicken parts. For example, chicken is first cooked at 450°F (232°C) for 15 minutes. This allows the surface to brown. The heat is then reduced to 325°F (163°C). Then, the chicken finishes cooking in a 325°F to 350°F (163°C to 177°C) oven.

Broiling and Grilling

Broiled or grilled poultry can make a very attractive dinner plate. The food should have a well-browned surface and crosshatch grill marks, set at a 90-degree angle. Smaller birds or poultry pieces are ideal for broiling or grilling.

Frying Poultry

There are three ways to fry poultry: pan-frying, deep-frying, and pressure-frying. All three usually require that the food first be coated with a seasoned flour mixture or batter.

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