Brown and sear the poultry in a small amount of fat in a rondeau, or braising pan.

Add liquid, and bring to a simmer. The liquid should cover two-thirds of the poultry.

Cover the pan and continue to simmer on the rangetop or in the oven until the poultry is done. To test for doneness, use a fork to see that the meat is tender and cuts easily without falling apart. The meat must hold an internal temperature of 165°F (74°C) for at least 15 seconds.

Determining Doneness

No matter how poultry is cooked, the meat must be well done to be safe. Any kind of poultry should be cooked to a minimum internal temperature of 165°F (74°C). The cooked poultry should hold this temperature for at least 15 seconds. To properly measure temperature, place a meat thermometer in the thigh of the bird at its thickest part, away from the bone.


A stuffing, or seasoned food mixture often made with bread, can be an excellent addition to a poultry dish. However, the FDA Model Food Code says that all parts of stuffed food must be cooked to 165°F (74°C), including the stuffing. Although the flesh of the bird may reach a safe temperature, the stuffing may not. Bacteria can quickly multiply in the stuffing inside the bird's cavity, or hollow interior. By the time the stuffing fully cooks, the poultry is often dry. To be safe, prepare the stuffing for whole poultry separately.


Storing Stuffing If you prepare wet and dry stuffing ingredients ahead of time, they should be kept refrigerated in a shallow baking pan. Never store stuffing in the same container as poultry because bacteria can grow.

Plating Poultry

How poultry is presented on the plate that you serve to a customer is important. Dishes can be garnished in the kitchen area, or poultry can be sliced and served at tableside.

Although many recipes suggest serving stuffing with poultry, there are other choices. Some side dishes include vegetables, casseroles, wild rice, potatoes, and pasta. Common garnishes for poultry include vegetables, fruits, and nuts.

Explain Where can poultry be prepared for presentation?

Review Key Concepts

1. Identify the various methods that can be used to cook poultry.

2. Explain when you should use a dry or moist technique for cooking poultry.

3. Describe a typical stuffing.

Practice Culinary Academics ^^ English Language Arts

4. You have been asked to select side dishes for the poultry dishes on a new menu. Use the Internet, library, and other resources to research appropriate side dishes for the following: roasted turkey, fried chicken, grilled chicken breast. Create a one-paragraph summary about the side dishes you chose, and why you chose them.


A poultry dinner at your restaurant sells for $8. The food cost to prepare the dinner is 30% of the selling price. If you prepare 245 poultry dinners for a banquet, what is the total cost of food for the poultry dinners?

^^^^^ Variables and Expressions Translate verbal phrases into algebraic expressions by first defining a variable. In this way, algebraic expressions can be used to represent real-world situations. Starting Hint Calculate how much money each dish will cost to make by solving for x: 8 x 30% = x. Change 30% into a decimal (0.30), and multiply x by the total number of poultry dishes.

NCTE 8 Use information resources to gather information and create and communicate knowledge.

NCTM Algebra Represent and analyze mathematical situations and structures using algebraic symbols.

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