Baking Cakes

The process of baking a cake begins with the right mixing method. Once the cake is mixed, it must be carefully scaled and panned so that the cakes come out a consistent size.

Cake Mixing Methods

Each mixing method produces a certain kind of cake. (See Figure 29.2 on page 759.) Bakers use the creaming method, the blending method, the sponge or foam method, the angel food method, and the chiffon method.

Creaming Method

The creaming method was once the standard method for mixing a cake. Ingredients should be at room temperature and accurately scaled.

Blending Method

The blending method is often called the two-stage method because the liquids are added in two stages. This method produces a smooth batter that makes a moist, tight, and firm-grained cake. It is used to make highratio cakes, which means using large amounts of liquids and sugar as well as emulsified shortenings to absorb the liquids and sugar.

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