Academic Vocabulary

^ English Language Arts

NCTE 4 Use written language to communicate effectively.

tj Mathematics

NCTM Number and Operations Compute fluently and make reasonable estimates.

NCTM Problem Solving

Solve problems that arise in mathematics and in other contexts.

Graphic Organizer

Use a KWL chart like the one below to keep track of your knowledge of working in the foodservice industry. Fill out what you already know in the first column. Read the section headings and write down what you want to know more about in the second column. After you have read the section, write down what you have learned in the third column.

Employee Responsibilities on the Job

What I Know

What I Want to Know

What I Have Learned

Graphic Organizer Go to this book's Online Learning Center at for a printable graphic organizer.

] I Social Studies

NCSSXB Civic Ideals and Practices Identify, analyze, interpret, and evaluate sources and examples of citizens' rights and responsibilities.

NCTE National Council of Teachers of English NCTM National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

NSES National Science Education

Standards NCSS National Council for the Social Studies

Continue reading here: Rights and Responsibilities

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