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The Waffle Iron

Pancakes may well be the workhorse of today's breakfast menu, but if the Dutch settlers had not introduced the waffle iron to 17th-century Colonial America, that menu would be a lot shorter. The early device was created by a 13th-century craftsman. It was made of two hinged, iron honeycomb-patterned plates that were filled with a batter and held over the hearth to cook. Since then, the waffle iron has evolved, but it is still being used in very much the same way today.

History Application

The waffle iron is an appliance that has made cooking breakfast a little easier. Write a list of some other kitchen appliance inventions that facilitate cooking and how they have changed the way we cook today.

NCSS VIII B Science, Technology, and Society Make judgments about how science and technology have transformed the physical world and human society.

Pancake Preparation

Follow these steps whenever you prepare pancakes:

1. Ladle %-cup portions onto a 375°F (191°C) griddle that has been lightly buttered. To ensure round pancakes, leave enough room between each pancake for spreading.

2. When bubbles appear on the top of the pancakes, it is time to turn them. You should turn, or flip, a pancake only once. If you turn it more often, the pancake will get hard.

3. Cook pancakes until they are nicely browned on both sides.

Waffle Preparation

Follow these steps to prepare waffles:

1. Mix the wet ingredients in one bowl and the dry ingredients in another. Add the liquid ingredients to the dry ingredients.

2. Beat the egg whites into soft peaks, add sugar, and beat until the peaks are stiff.

3. Fold the egg whites into the batter. To fold means to use a rubber spatula to carefully mix the egg whites and batter so that you do not lose volume.

4. Pour the batter onto a preheated, lightly oiled waffle iron, and then close the top.

5. Cook until the signal on the waffle iron shows that the waffles are done.

Pancake and Waffle Plating

Pancakes and waffles are cooked to order and should be served piping hot. Pancakes become tough and waffles lose their crispness when they are held for too long. They may be served with a variety of condiments, including butter, hot syrup, cold flavored syrups, fruit toppings, whipped cream, or nuts.

Pancakes and waffles are often served with a side order of breakfast meats, eggs, or both. A side order is an order of food in addition to what is served as the main dish. Pancakes are not usually served with other breakfast breads.


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