Control Gastro Intestinal Problems

Below are seven suggestions which can potentially change your life. These seven things along with a clear heart and mind will help keep you healthy. We cannot buy our health. No one can do these things for us; they are part of what we must learn to do in our lives.

If you are overweight and inactive, you increase your risk for diabetes and heart disease. Many North Coast Indian families are affected by either diabetes and/or heart disease and these two diseases, along with alcohol and drug use are the enemies of the North Coast Indian people in the same way that European invaders were the enemy over 100 years ago.

If you wish to improve your health, here are some basic tried and true things that you can do. Please note that these suggestions are not only for people who need to decrease weight, but will also help anyone who has diabetes, heart disease, most gastrointestinal problems, drug and/or alcohol recovery. The suggestions are also helpful to reduce your risk for cancer. Please notice that there is really a best way to eat to keep yourself healthy, and you can find great variety in this way to eat.

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Diabetes Sustenance

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