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Our world turned upside down

My own path to understanding how allergy and intolerance affect your life and what you can do to make the best of living with them, is similar to many. My elder son Archie was diagnosed as allergic to eggs, nuts, and peanuts, although his younger brother, Ben, is not. It turned our world upside down. It was frankly scary to accept that normally harmless foods can be lethal to my child. I needed a helping hand to learn to deal with the problems of never being able to go out for a meal or to a party without carrying a packed meal.

The Bottom Line Optimizing Health

Chapter 2 explains the nutrients we all need, the roles they play in promoting health, the best food sources for these nutrients, and how your nutritional needs change throughout your life. Chapter 3 describes how your risk for serious illnesses is influenced by your diet. Chapters 4 and 5 help you learn to use the Food Guide Pyramid to choose the most nutritious foods, and they give you guidance about planning and preparing healthful, appetizing meals.

O your individual flavor box

Your flavor box, or flavor personality, consists of your life experiences and their effect upon the emotional aspect of your tasting process. Your flavor box derives from your present environment as well as all of the previous environments in which you have lived. The way in which you taste is an outgrowth or product of these environments. It is part of your flavor personality.

Step 2 The Appliances

9) Kitchen Aid Food Processor - If you've always chopped your vegetables by hand, you'll appreciate the time that a food processor saves you. To make your life much, much easier, get a couple of large Tupperware containers. At the end of the week, chop up all your veggies in the food processor and store them in Tupperware containers for the week. Each time you need a vegetable meal, just throw a handful of chopped veggies in a bowl and you're ready to eat. Using this strategy you can also quickly pack up your salads before leaving for work. If you cooked all your meat for the week on the weekend, all you need to do for your daily meals is throw them together before work. If not, just fire up the Foreman while cooking breakfast.

Sharing Is Caring When Youre Cooking Both Ways

As the heading says, sharing is caring when you're cooking both ways, and there are plenty of foods the whole family can share. Instead of having two varieties of everything, use gluten-free versions of shared foods like sauces, spices, condiments, and salad dressings. This will certainly make your life easier and save you time in the kitchen and the grocery store.

Coming Up with a Shopping Strategy

I advocate sticking to natural foods as much as possible, as discussed in the next section. But that doesn't mean you're restricted to a diet of plain meats, fruits, and vegetables for the rest of your life. After all, this is a cookbook, and it's filled with fantastic ideas for turning basic, natural, healthy foods into culinary delights.

And Away You Go The Induction Phase

Induction is only the first phase-the way you get the weight loss ball rolling-not the whole Atkins Nutritional Approach. I call it Induction because its purpose is to induce weight loss by changing your body's chemistry so that you will achieve, perhaps for the first time in your life, lipolysis and the companion process of ketosis, as explained in Chapter 6. Induction is designed to do all of the following for you The Induction phase is not going to be your lifelong way of eating. It will last a minimum of fourteen days, after which you should see a significant result.

Cardiorespiratory Physiology

The heart is a muscle that is required to contract continuously throughout your life to deliver oxygen to all organs in the body. Your lungs breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. Blood vessels connect the heart and lungs so that carbon dioxide can be removed from the blood and oxygen can be added to the blood. The heart then pumps this blood throughout the body. During exercise your heart must pump more often and more strongly to supply oxygen to your exercising muscles to make energy. In turn, you The basis of cardiorespiratory training is to place greater demands on the heart (e.g., make the heart beat more times per minute) than what is required during rest. This results in a stronger heart that can pump more blood and deliver more oxygen to the body per heart beat, and a lower resting heart rate. Since most daily activities are aerobic in nature, improving the delivery of oxygen to the muscles will improve your work performance. (See Fuel Used During Exercise on page...

Addiction and Withdrawal

Bad as they seem, experiencing withdrawal symptoms is really good news. The withdrawal process is usually completed within three days, and afterward you should feel better than ever, unless, of course, you re-addict yourself. If you cannot stay the course and progress through withdrawal, do it gradually by consuming progressively smaller amounts of an addictive food until you get to zero. (For help on identifying which food is causing the problem, see Chapter 26 on food intolerances.) The more severe your withdrawal symptoms, the more you stand to gain from abandoning the food that is causing them. A food that demands to be eaten daily is often a key to a disordered metabolism. It can run your life, as well as ruin it.

What Is Your Goal Weight

Ask yourself when in your life did you look and feel your very best How much did you weigh then Can you comfortably weigh that again What size did you wear then Don't skip over these questions. As I always say, you're the greatest expert on your body. Whatever that wonderful weight-and size-was, you can almost certainly reach it again. Was it 120 140 170 For most people, this chart is helpful as a general guideline-ranges that are considered the norm-but I can't emphasize this too strongly The best weight for you is the one at which you feel comfortable and attractive and can enjoy your life. It also needs to be a weight you can maintain.

Look at the Big Picture

If being overweight has been a big problem in your life, I don't want you to muff this opportunity. Over the course of the next few months, you can teach yourself a whole new way of life that will keep you healthy for decades. That is what doing Atkins is really all about. When you begin OWL, you will be at a crucial stage for learning the parameters of your lifetime program. You'll find out what's the most liberal level of carbohydrate consumption your metabolism can handle while continuing to take off excess pounds. Pay close attention This important number is your Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing (CCLL).

Make Your Goal Specific

Imagine getting in the car to go on a family vacation without a clear idea of where you wanted to go. You'd drive around aimlessly, and you would certainly get somewhere, but it probably wouldn't be the same place you'd end up if you'd chosen a destination at the start. It's the same thing with weight loss. Any behavioral psychologist will tell you that you are more likely to achieve change in your life if you have a specific picture in your mind of how you want to change.

Uses and Abuses of Induction

Induction not only jump-starts your weight loss, it is also a convenient refuge to which you can retreat whenever you need to get off a weight loss plateau or to get back on the program after a lapse. So if you've fallen off your Lifetime Maintenance program for whatever reason, you can return to Induction, and, like the ignition of an automobile, it will get your engine to turn over and start you down the road again. These are perfectly appropriate uses of Induction. However, Induction can be abused and that abuse can ultimately threaten your ability to maintain a healthy weight. First of all, if you retreat to Induction every time you stray, you may begin to reinforce a dangerous pattern of behavior. By knowing Induction is there as a refuge, it may keep you from following the guidelines of the stage you are in. For a minor infraction or even a day of cheating, there is no need to go back to Induction. Simply drop down 5 or 10 grams for a couple of days, or go back to the previous...

The Bountiful World of Maintenance

But the last choice, the truly hazardous indulgence, is sweets. Frankly, my suggestion to you is that you restrict your consumption of sweets made with real sugars to the occasional slice of birthday or wedding cake for really special celebrations. Those of you who have had a sizable chunk of your life made miserable by sugar may even decide, after graciously accepting them, to quietly deposit those pieces on somebody else's plate.

Influences Beyond Your Control

As you have learned, a proper lifetime eating plan involves utilizing all four phases of Atkins. That's because, much as you may not want to hear it, maintaining your goal weight can provide a challenge or two. Factors independent of your appetite can influence it. No one's weight is constant. There will be times in your life when you gain some weight back. A change in activity level-a more sedentary job, for example-hormonal changes, the addition of certain medications and simply the passage of years can slow your metabolism.

Some Parting Recommendations

For those of you who have been successful, your nutritional voyage with me seems to be almost over. It will continue-indefinitely, I hope-but now you're driving the car. I want to leave you with eight basic principles for your lifetime doing Atkins 8. Make exercise a regular part of your life.

An Ode to Sloppy Joe a Delicious Mess

Some foods are memory triggers, meals that send you back to long-forgotten moments in your life. The sloppy Joe sandwich is one such time machine. Finding it on the menu at Drew Nieporent's sunny version of the neighborhood deli, TriBakery, took me back to the lunchroom of my elementary school in Queens.

Spiritual Help Online

Taking stock of the time you waste each day, and from there, reorganizing your activities is what it's all about. It's a matter of becoming more efficient in the use of your time. It's really easy to do, and you will not only accomplish a lot more, you will also find greater fulfillment in your life. These Schedules and Templates will help you to organize your activities and they can be printed and filled in according to your family's schedule.

Appendix A Ideas for Healthy Food Choices

Eating healthfully requires making overall smart food selections throughout your life. Choosing a food that is less nutritious every once in awhile does not mean your diet is bad just make those foods the exception in your diet, not the rule.

The Great Fat Meltdown

Atkins, on the other hand, starts off at 20 grams of carbohydrates. Each individual then proceeds at his or her own rate, gradually adding back both the amount and the variety of carbohydrate foods. We'll get into the specifics of how you calculate grams of carbohydrate and which carbs you will and will not be eating in Chapter 8. For now, let me assure you that my state-of-the-art weight loss program is the safest, healthiest, most luxurious way to become and stay slim for the remainder of your life.

DoItYourself Cosmetics

I'm glad she did, for once I got started looking for these formulas, they turned out to be great fun to try Experiment and see which ingredients suit you best. But don't forget that your skin's condition is influenced most of all by your diet, age, amount of exercise, and amount of sleep. Too much stress in your life, too little humidity in your air, too much exposure to sun, and too much fatty, sweety, junky, chemicalized food can be doing your appearance far more harm than these treatments by themselves can relieve. NOTE To prevent allergic reactions, test a small quantity of any unaccustomed substance by rubbing it on the underside of your arm. Then wait 24-48 hours to see if a rash develops.

Metabolic Resistance Approximate CCLM Range

As you did in the three weight loss phases of Atkins, make weight control a constant priority in your life. Recreate that attitude and you can continue your success. One good tool is to-once and for all-get rid of your fat wardrobe. When your clothes are getting tight and you don't have the next size in the closet to retreat to, you'll be forced to confront your weight gain sooner. By never letting your weight vary more than 3 to 5 pounds, you'll head off trouble and get off the weight roller coaster for good.

The Four Principles of the Atkins Nutritional Approach

You will lay the permanent groundwork for disease prevention. You will change your life, which, believe it or not, is even more important than looking good on the beach next summer. By following an individualized controlled carbohydrate nutritional approach that results in lower insulin production, people at high risk for chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes will see a marked improvement in their

Pre Maintenance Prepare for Permanent Slimness

There is method in what may sound like madness here. If you search for the level that achieves a small amount of weight loss, by the time you reach your goal weight you will, in effect, be on Lifetime Maintenance, at which time your weight loss will naturally slow to a halt. During PreMaintenance, you will both accustom yourself to your lifetime eating plan and get a good indication of what it will be like. Think of this phase as a learner's permit, like the one you had when you were just beginning to drive. You were allowed out on the roads, but only with a licensed driver by your side. Pre-Maintenance is like that. You're out there doing it, but you still need some more hours behind the wheel before it's safe to allow you on the highway all by yourself. That's why it is crucial that you NOT make the assumption that Pre-Maintenance and Lifetime Maintenance must be pretty much the same thing because their names sound alike. Not true One is a training program the other is the rest of...

Introduction and description

Leaves of the chervil are nearly always used fresh, but can be preserved by deep freezing or by making a pesto-like preparation. The plant contains only a small amount of essential oil (0.3 in the fresh herb, 0.9 in the seeds) with methyl chavicol (estragol) as the main constituent and is popular in Central and Western Europe. Because of its resemblance to the myrrh given to Jesus and as well as the way it symbolized new life, it became traditional to serve chervil soup on Holy Thursday.

Regimen to jumpStart Weight Loss

You don't know how to start. Even though you've read everything in this book so far-you still want a bit of help to get going. Truly, I wish you could call me up or come see me, and we could work together to change your life. But we know that is not practical. So, in this chapter I give you some very specific information, and some very specific meal plans. Follow them to the letter and you will be well on your way to feeling good, looking good and being healthier. And well on your way to fitting into those bathing suits.

The Promise

Not only that, it will show you how to change your life once and for all. keeps lost pounds off forever with a new lifetime nutritional approach that includes rich, delicious foods. What I'm going to show you is not just a way to lose weight, but a way to eat for the rest of your life so you can be slim and healthy and stay that way. For too many people, the word diet implies not an approach to eating for a lifetime, but a two-months-on, ten-months-off weight loss game that they play with themselves-year after year. That is not what this book is about I believe this so strongly that from now on I'll speak not of the Atkins Diet, but of the Atkins Nutritional Approach or doing Atkins or even just Atkins. It's a shorthand that others have been using, so I'm going to start using it, too.


Rules of personal hygiene and sanitary food handling were not invented just to make your life difficult.There are good reasons for all of them. Instead of starting this chapter with lists of rules,we first talk about the causes of food-borne diseases.Then,when we get to the rules, you will understand why they are important.This will make them easier to remember and to practice.

Small Bites

Life Plans When you decide on a career, you must also decide how that career will affect the rest of your life and your family. Create a life plan to help you decide how to fit everything in. Set realistic goals for yourself with small, doable steps, get support for your plans, and check your progress regularly.

Going for It

Lipolysis is the biochemical method of weight loss-the alternative to using glucose for fuel, the very process that has made you heavy. Lipolysis can be your life raft, giving you both slimness and health, and distancing you from the obese person's perils of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. Most of all, of course, it is the key to achieving your goalto use up the fat stored on your body.

Whats on the label

European Union governments have passed laws obliging manufacturers to declare allergenic ingredients, additives, and substances involved in food processing on their pre-packaged food. Although good labelling of allergens is still very much in its infancy, it is good news for people with allergies, as shopping for food without enough information has sometimes felt like taking your life in your hands It has reduced the risk but not eliminated it and ultimately, what you eat or give your family or friends to eat remains your responsibility. Progress worth celebrating includes

Matter of Morale

Psychologically, have you made a firm commitment Don't start something this important with the shallow notion of Oh well, I'll give it a whirl. At the least, you should have decided that you're going to commit two weeks of your life-without deviation or compromise-to doing Atkins.

Answers Below

BUY THE COOKBOOK THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Over a half million families who J, bought fat, Shrink & Be Merry agree, these recipes are fun, delicious and incredibly healthy. Our Test Kitchen experts are still raving about the books great-tasting food, and they're hard to impress. order now at or call 1-800 717-9011.


BUY THE COOKBOOK THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE Over a half million families who bought fat, Shrink & Be Merry agree, these recipes are fun, delicious and incredibly healthy. Our Test Kitchen experts are still raving about the books great-tasting food, and they're hard to impress. ORDER NOW at or call 1-800 717-9011.

Feeling Good

Doing Atkins, you'll find that you're cleaning out a lot of metabolic garbage from your life, in addition to excess pounds and junk food. Many of my patients have discovered that instead of a weight loss program, this is for them a rejuvenation program. Now take the test, and see if I'm right

More Induction

But after all is said and done, to a large degree, your decision to continue Induction or move to OWL will depend on your personality and lifestyle. If you are the type to just go for it and can easily make your life work around the Induction eating program, you may decide to stick with it until you drop some more weight. Another person, who perhaps is under a lot of stress and wants to relax a bit about food choices, might choose to move to the more liberal phase of OWL. This brings us to the last, and ultimately the only, answer that matters. Is a longer period of time until you get to your goal weight the tradeoff you're willing to make to have more food choices It's up to you.

Unscrambling Dairy

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, you start your life being passionate about milk, your mother's milk. For most people in America this passion for dairy products continues into adulthood. No matter how basic or complex the cooking habits of a household, the refrigerator is likely to contain a dairy product or two. Cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese, milk, if nothing else, there is a carton of ice cream in the freezer. Most of the Asian and African traditional cuisines, however, eliminate dairy products from the menu soon after babies are ready for solid food. In fact, many members of these cultures have a lactose intolerance. Two exceptions are the extensive use of yogurt in Northern Indian cooking and dairy products in many Middle-Eastern cuisines. As you travel east towards Southeast Asia, China and Japan, dairy products become the exception.

If Addictions Recur

Such addictions aren't shameful they're physical, biochemical, metabolic-and that's precisely why you must avoid them. Most of you already know that for a significant portion of your life, excessive quantities of carbohydrates have been stronger than you. Don't trifle with them now. By the time you finally reach your goal weight, you are by definition officially in phase four, Lifetime Maintenance. As we move into this next phase of Atkins, you absolutely must ease into your Lifetime Maintenance regimen, rather than make an abrupt transition. The next chapter will explain how to do just that.

Lifetime Maintenance

The bells should be ringing, the flags should be flying You're there You've arrived at the place where millions of overweight people have never been since they were children-at the weight you were meant to be. And the impact on every part of your life is enormous. Am I right I would expect that as you traveled along the slow Pre-Maintenance path, one day you realized you were actually in Lifetime Maintenance Your weight remained constant within a pound or two for several weeks. The decisions to move from Induction to OWL and from OWL to Pre-Maintenance were conscious choices on your part. But it is not always easy to define the moment at which you leave Pre-Maintenance and move to Lifetime Maintenance the former segues naturally into the latter. But from now on, you will have conscious choices to make every day of your life. So, let me remind you of why it is worth making the right choices. provide you with a way of eating that allows you to stay slim for the rest of your life. give...

Final Message

A diet based mostly on vegetables, fruits, whole grains and beans can help prevent cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. It can also keep your weight in a healthy range. And because eating from the New American Plate is as pleasurable as it is beneficial, you will soon find it becomes a permanent part of your life.


Cows and humans go way back, at least to the Sumerians in the ancient Middle East, who recorded their relationship in stone, and probably back to the Stone Age. Since a dairy cow can live 20 years or more, producing a calf each year and milking most of that time, she can be in your life for a long time. You use her male calves for beef, her female calves either for beef or raise them to be milk cows, too. With a dairy cow in your life, except during her annual rest for late pregnancy, you'll have more milk than at first you know what to do with. You can use the extra milk in the sorts of recipes I've collected here. You'll still have too much. So use some to raise her calf, and young pigs for your meat supply, and to help feed the hens. Or make cheese, and feed the pigs and chickens the whey that is left from cheese making.

Divine Strength

Be encouraged There is help available in times of need. Consider the words, You are fearfully and wonderfully made. The Divine Creator who made you and me knows each need we have. Why not make Him a part of our daily lifestyle. Today, commit your life to Him, and you will see that He is willing and able to bring you through every trial. He has promised to 'never leave us or forsake us. In Him we are made strong. So, whenever you are tempted to think, I can't make it Just remember the promise, I can do all things through Christ which strenthens me.

Nutritional Needs

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans and the Food Guide Pyramid (outlined in Chapter 3) were designed to provide basic nutritional information and serve as educational tools for Americans over 2 years of age. Therefore, these guidelines should be followed to ensure good nutrition throughout your life. An important point to note is that although the age-related decline in BMR results in the need for fewer daily kcals, your requirements for nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and proteins do not decrease with age (see Chapter 2). Therefore, proper food selection is essential to meet this challenge. Some ideas to help you meet your nutrient requirements without eating extra kcals include following the 5-A-Day campaign (eat at least five fruits and vegetables a day) and eating nutrient dense foods (see Chapter 3 and Appendix A).

For Women

3 Good Skill You can follow any recipe. You invent your own recipes - and they sometimes work. You own at least two cookbooks. You have at least one file-folder of recipes (and it's full). If your husband is a better cook than you, he will never admit it. If not, he will proudly proclaim to all his friends you are a Cordon-Bleu chef -particularly when you are around and can be easily embarrassed. You have eaten at a fast-food joint once in your life, and that was only because the kids insisted they wanted a Happy Meal .

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