How to Write a Business Letter

Instant Business Letter Kit

This eBook is the definitive guide to removing all the stress from writing business letters. With this book you will gain the tools to write almost any type of business letter; you can learn to write business letter from scratch or start from one of the 149 real-life templates of different types of business letters. This manual removes any doubt or stress that you might have about writing business letters and replaces it with confidence in your abilities to communicate clearly to your intended audience. If you're nervous about messing up and looking unprofessional in the way that you present yourself through your business letters, this guide is the perfect way to get rid of that fear. This book also comes with a free bonus chapter on how to format and write business reports. This eBook gives you the tools to be convincing, professional, and well-written at your place of employment.

Instant Business Letter Kit Summary

Rating: 4.6 stars out of 11 votes

Contents: Ebook
Author: Shaun Fawcett
Price: $32.97

My Instant Business Letter Kit Review

Highly Recommended

I usually find books written on this category hard to understand and full of jargon. But the author was capable of presenting advanced techniques in an extremely easy to understand language.

My opinion on this e-book is, if you do not have this e-book in your collection, your collection is incomplete. I have no regrets for purchasing this.

Fast French Puff Pastry

Rapidly cut the sticks of chilled butter into lengthwise quarters, then into 1 2-inch dice add to the flour. Add the salt. Blend flour and butter together rapidly, the butter should be roughly broken up but stay in lumps the size of large lima beans. Blend in the water, mixing just enough so that dough masses roughly together but butter pieces remain about the same size. Turn dough out onto a lightly-floured work surface. Rapidly push and pat and roll it out into a 12- by 18-inch rectangle. It will look messy. Lightly flour top of dough and, with a pastry sheet to help you, flip the bottom of the rectangle up over the middle, and then flip the top down to cover it, as though folding a business letter. Lift the dough off the work surface with a pastry sheet scrape the work surface clean, flour the surface lightly and return the dough to it, settling it down in front of you so that the top flap is at your right. Lightly flour top of the dough, and...

Dough Additional Ingredients

On a very lightly floured work surface, roll dough into a large rectangle. Spread softened butter evenly over dough, leaving a 1 2-inch border. Fold dough into thirds, as you would a business letter. Wrap dough in plastic wrap (or use a large plastic bag) and return to refrigerator for 30 minutes. Repeat this process 3 more times (4 foldings total 2 hours total in the refrigerator).

Ollingin Procedure for Danish and Croissant Dough

In the method illustrated in Figure 30.3, the fat is spotted on two-thirds of the dough and the dough is folded in thirds like a business letter. This results in five layers three layers of dough and two layers of fat. Rolling out and folding the dough to increase the number of layers.