Historic Porter

Category Porter Recipe Type All Grain

Fermentables 9.7 lb EDME pale malt 0.75 lb British crystal (~60L) 4 lb California concentrates light extract


1.6 oz Nuggett (14.5%) @ 60 minutes 1 oz Goldings (5.7%) @ 5 minutes 0.2 oz Willamette (?%) @ 5 minutes

Yeast Wyeast #1007 European

Procedure The high kilned malts were selected as what I had left over from a previous experimental series of beers, not by any deductive process.

This was fermented rather warm for 5 days with WYeast 1007 (European). It was then transferred to a 5 and a 1 gallon fermenter with the following dry hops proportioned up: .4 oz Goldings (5.7%) .2 oz Willamette (4.8%). The 1 gallon fermenter also received some of Yeast Lab's Brettanomyces lambicus.

The 5 gallon was bottled after 16 more days, the 1 gallon after 45 days, at which time it had some odd, hard-looking white colonies on top. FG's were 27 and 26 (+/-2) respectively.

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