Finsters Finest Chocolate Raspberry Stout

3.3 lbs John Bull plain dark extract syrup 3 lbs plain dry malt extract 1 lbs crystal malt .5 lbs roasted barley .5 lbs black patent malt 3 lbs frozen raspberries 1-1 4 cups dry malt extract 1.5 oz Northern Brewer hops pellets .5 oz Willamette hops pellets gypsum to create hard water 8 oz baker's chocolate Procedure Heat 1.5 gal water to 170F. Add grains, cover, and let sit for 30 min. stirring occasionally. Remove grains. Bring to boil. Add gypsum, malt extracts, NB hops, chocolate, and boil...

Summer Chocolate Stout

Fermentables 1 lbs chocolate malt 1 lbs crystal malt 4 lbs light malt extract syrup 2.5 lbs dark malt extract powder 8 oz molasses 1 oz Fuggle (flavor) - (1 2 ounce for 15 minutes .5 oz Willamette (leaf hops Procedure Steep grains for 30 minutes at 180F in 3 gallons water. Sparge thoroughly with 2 gallons. Filter wort through leaf hops (this didn't work well, and I don't suggest it).