Hot Pepper Steak Marinade

A standby for Team Pepperitaville, this super-spicy marinade works especially well for steak, but it's nice on chicken or pork, too. And just in case you're planning to cook venison, as the team often does, add Italian dressing to the mix. Preparation time 45 minutes (including roasting and peeling) Cooking time 20 minutes Yield About 3 cups 10 jalaperio peppers 5 cayenne peppers 2 banana peppers 4 Roma tomatoes 2 cloves garlic cup vinegar 1 cup water Juice of 'Alime 1 cup packed brown sugar...

Smokey Joels Competition BBQ

Smokey Joel also known as Joel Schwabe fares well with this rub in competitions. Preparation time 5 minutes Cooking time None Yield About 1 cup Acup brown sugar A cup paprika 'A tablespoon kosher salt ' tablespoon granulated garlic ' tablespoon onion powder ' teaspoon cayenne pepper ' teaspoon chili powder In a large bowl, combine all ingredients and mix well. ' tablespoon dried, grated lemon or orange peel optional