The scientific and technical literature provides the most obvious source for written material which aids in problem solving. Starting a collection of 'useful'

articles and some form of index is very helpful in establishing your own information base. Included in the written form are pictorial libraries of faults and associated text related to their identified causes. Such libraries may be built for oneself or may be purchased from a suitable source.

Over the years many of the 'rules' related to problem solving in baking have been summarised and published (e.g. Street, 1991; Bent, 1997b). These generally take the form of lists of faults and associated causes. In many ways such rules are of limited value because they seldom consider or assign a likelihood value and so one must use ones own judgement as to which of the causes to investigate first. Such lists tend to deal only with the most common problems and seldom consider interactions between ingredients or ingredients and processing. Also the causes of faults are given equal weighting; thus there is no expression as to whether a particular cause is more likely than another.

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