What is kebab bread

Kebab bread is the Western European name for the Middle Eastern bread known as Pitta or Khubz. This type of bread has been popularised by Greek-Cypriot restaurants who serve the bread with shish-kebabs.

The following recipe and method have been found suitable in commercial practice.

kg lb oz

Flour 100 28 0

Yeast 0.7 3%

Salt 2.5 11%

Water (fairly soft dough) 57 16 0

The flour used is white, untreated, unbleached and low in protein. The dough is mixed on a low-speed mixer for about 20min to a dough temperature 27-28 °C (80-82 °F). After 45 min from the beginning of mixing the dough is scaled into 150 g (5oz) pieces, moulded round, rested for 10 min, and then pinned to give a thin flat oval shape about 24-25 cm (9^-10 in.) long and about 11cm (4% in.) wide. The oval dough is proved between cloths for 10 min and then baked on the sole of an oven at 316 °C (600 °F) for about 5 min. Following baking, the pittas must be cooled for about 10 min, after which they can be stacked. The breads may be put into polythene bags once they are cool enough to keep them soft and flexible. They can be reheated under a warm grill before serving.

It is essential to use untreated flour since treated bread flour gives pittas with large blisters and an uneven distribution of crumb between top and bottom surfaces. Harsh mechanical pinning might benefit the product when compared to hand pinning.

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