What is balady bread

Balady bread is an Egyptian bread product based on a sour dough or starter system. The starter dough is used in order to provide flavour rather than for leavening purposes. The bread is round, flat, puffs up during baking and is easily separated into two layers. The flour blend normally used for this product is 2530% US flour of 72% extraction and 70-75% Egyptian flour of 82% extraction, the latter being similar to a blend of 75% CBP-type flour and 25% wholemeal. Recipe for starter:

11 kg old dough 100 kg flour 50 kg water

Compressed yeast may be added in cooler weather. The starter dough is fermented for at least 3 h. The fermentation period may be longer, depending on how soon the starter is required for use. Recipe for simple straight dough:

100 kg flour 75 l water 0.5-0.7 kg salt 5-15 kg starter dough

The ingredients are mixed for 20-25 min to produce a slack dough (not fully developed) which is then immediately scaled into 182 g (6.5 oz) dough pieces. The dough pieces are moulded into round shapes, placed on trays and sprinkled with bran. Intermediate proving lasts for 15 min. The dough pieces are then flattened into pancake shapes 20 cm (8 in.) in diameter and 1.5 cm (0.5 in.) thick and left to ferment for 1 h.

After fermentation the excess bran is shaken off and the dough pieces are peeled into a hearth oven. Baking lasts for 1.5 min at temperature of 450-600 °C (842-1112 °F). The crust forms rapidly and after about 1 min baking steam develops in the dough. At this point the dough rises very rapidly. The bread is removed from the oven by peeling.

Immediately after baking the bread is about 12 cm (5 in.) in height, and as it cools the centre sinks to a height of 4-6 cm (2-3 in.). The finished product has a firm crust with a very soft moist interior. The crumb may be split and filled with beans, cheese, etc.

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