What are tortillas

A tortilla is a non-fermented product made from maize flour, and is the basis for many traditional Mexican dishes. The past few years have seen a rapid increase in the consumption of Mexican-style foods. Tortillas are hot-plate goods and have a simple recipe:

The lime must be suitable for use in food and comply with local food legislation.

The recipe uses whole maize flour which has been passed through a US 40 mesh sieve (screen size 0.016 in.). The tortilla dough, known as masa, is formed into individual circular dough pieces about 15 cm diameter and 2 mm thick and cooked on a hot plate until both surfaces are slightly browned.

Tortillas can be eaten alone like bread, or fried with a cheese topping (nachos). However, the most popular form appears to be the taco. After frying the tortilla can be filled with items such as meat, tomato, cheese, olives, peppers and sauce. Alternatively the tortilla may be softened in oil or sauce, rolled round a meat or cheese filling and baked to produce an enchilada.

Wheat flour tortilla are also available and used in a similar manner to the maize tortilla. The advantage of the flour tortilla is that it remains soft eating and has a blander flavour than the maize version.

Whole maize flour


Lime (calcium hydroxide)

100 33

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