We are we getting large holes in the crumb of our fruited slab cake

Large and unsightly holes in fruit cake can be caused by any of the following reasons:

• If damp fruit is used, localised steam is formed around the fruit during baking, especially near the centre of the individual berries where it is less able to escape quickly. The top of the cake becomes baked and so the localised steam is trapped and it produces holes in the crumb as the pressure builds up. All fruit should be thoroughly dried after washing to remedy this problem.

• In spreading Genoese and large fruit slabs, air may be entrapped during depositing or, while spreading batter by hand or with a wet palate knife, part of it may be folded over, again entrapping air and so causing holes.

• Low carbon dioxide levels, either because there is too little baking powder or because the baking powder has reacted too quickly.

• Occasionally over-mixing of the batter, especially when adding the fruit, can cause the problem. In this case the holes may run vertically or at an angle rather than horizontally.

See also 10.29.

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