We are having problems with softening of coffee meringues in which we use coffee powder as the flavouring Is this the cause of the problem

Adding coffee powder or coffee essence to the recipe does not usually cause meringues to soften provided they are baked thoroughly. Meringues are normally baked at about 116 °C (240 °F) for 3 h to ensure that they are completely dried out. It is advisable to bake the meringues in a dry atmosphere with the oven dampers left open.

The meringues should be cooled completely before packaging and stored in a warm dry atmosphere. If you do not have such storage conditions available they should be packed in either moisture-impermeable bags or sealed containers. Meringues are very high in sugar and consequently are hygroscopic (i.e. they easily absorb moisture from the surrounding atmosphere). If left in a humid atmosphere they will soon become sticky to touch and eventually will become soft. In wet weather where the atmosphere is more moist than usual the meringues should not be left exposed.

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