The information sources

Few of the problems that we may encounter in the manufacture of bakery products are likely to be so unusual that they have not been encountered and recorded before. Even where an apparently new problem arises, access to suitable information sources often reveals a problem and solution so similar that it can be readily adapted to our particular needs. For example, most of the problems that we are likely to encounter in the production of cakes with heat-treated cakeflours will have similar solutions to those that would apply if we were using chlorinated cakeflours. Even though it may be the first time that we have used a heat-treated flour we therefore have a suitable base for identifying the solution to our problem.

The availability of suitable information is a fundamental tool for our ability to problem solve successfully. Traditionally such information sources could be classified as personal and written. More recently computer-based sources have become increasingly available in forms that would not be classified as an electronic equivalent of the written word.

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