Problem solving a guide

'You can't solve a problem with the same type of thinking that caused it'


Problems that show as unexpected variations in bakery product quality do occur from time to time. Often considerable time, effort and money are required to identify the causes and solutions concerned. Unexpected quality variations are not the exclusive province of any particular size of manufacturing unit: they can occur in both large and small bakeries. Nor are they exclusive to the production bakery: even the best-controlled test bakery or laboratory can experience unexpected fluctuations in product quality.

There is no magic to problem solving. It is normally achieved through critical observation, structured thought processes and access to suitable sources of information. In this chapter we offer a guide to some of the methods that might be employed when trying to solve bakery-related problems. In doing so we must recognise that baking is a complex mixture of ingredient and process interactions so that the solutions to our problems may not always be instant in nature.

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