Our sultana cakes are collapsing What can we do to remedy this problem

Sultana cakes can tend to shrink or sink slightly at the top. This is sometimes accompanied by a slightly open crumb cell structure (grain). This is caused when the batter has been over-aerated during mixing, thus making the specific density of the batter too high to support the denser fruit, particularly nearer the centre.

This may be countered by increasing the amount of liquid in the recipe, if the flour content is adequate, or by reducing either the sugar content or the amount of aerating agent. The first and last of these actions usually brings about an improvement. It is also preferable to have the egg content slightly higher than the total fat content as egg adds strength to the cake structure. Where milk is replacing eggs, a simple method for calculating the baking powder requirement is to assume that 560 ml (1 pint) milk requires 28 g (1 oz) baking powder. See also 10.3.

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