How can we extend the shelflife of our scones

Staling of scones can be reduced in any of the following ways:

• Wrapping scones in a moisture-proof film will reduce moisture loss and give a softer eat but will not prevent inherent staling.

• Scones can be frozen but there is usually a loss in quality associated with this process.

• If freezing is not an option then including a suitable emulsifier (e.g. a high monoglyceride type of glycerol monostearate in emulsion or paste form) will keep the crumb softer. Proprietary ready-to-use products are available. Replacing the fat present with a high-ratio shortening or increasing the proportion of fat in the recipe may also be beneficial.

• Adding a humectant may help to retain moisture. We suggest replacing part of the sugar in the recipe with invert sugar, though higher levels of the latter may lead to excessive browning of the crumb. Glycerine may also be added but again high levels may lead to darkening of the crumb.

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