After two days our royal icing tends to turn yellow Can this discoloration be prevented

There are many causes of discoloration in royal icing:

• Royal icing made with inferior types of albumen substitutes or weak albumen solutions will slowly discolour on ageing and become slightly yellow. Use of good quality ingredients should prevent the problem.

• The use of poor quality icing sugars produces a poor colour in the icing.

• If the icing is allowed to stand in a metal mixing bowl for too long or the palate knife is left in the icing for a long period of time, discoloration will occur, changing the white to a creamy colour. This can be because of reactions involving iron particles.

• In some cases ready-prepared marzipans are highly coloured by the manufacturer. This colour can be absorbed by the moisture in the royal icing which seeps through, causing it to change colour. To avoid this, after coating the cake with marzipan, brush it over with boiling apricot puree or a thin coating of fondant which has been heated to a higher temperature than would normally be used for coating purposes. These coatings act as a seal, preventing any seepage.

• If marzipan or almond pastes are worked excessively during their preparation they will become oily. This change may also occur if the atmospheric temperature in the work and storage areas are higher than normal. Ensuring that the work and storage areas are reasonably cool and the marzipan is not over-worked can prevent oils being released. In addition, to minimise the transfer of oily stains, the surface of the marzipan could be coated with a boiled apricot puree.

• Retarded drying of the royal icing can cause discoloration.

• Excessive quantities of glycerine can cause a creamy colour to form.

To obtain a sparkling white icing a little confectioner's blue, say two or three drops should be added to each 500 g (1 lb) of icing.

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