Whats the First Thing Youll Notice

After a couple of days you will find you are in control of your appetite. That's because once your body's two-day supply of glycogen (stored glucose) diminishes and you make the switch to primarily burning fat, lipolysis suppresses your appetite. Suddenly, you find yourself eating moderate portions without constant hunger pangs and no longer obsessing about food. You know you're in lipolysis when you find yourself saying, "You mean lunchtime was an hour ago?"

When you consume a so-called "balanced" diet high in carbohydrates, the first fuel your body burns for energy comes from those carbohydrates. Now that you've lowered your carbohydrate consumption to a level that can't finance your energy expenditures, you must burn your stored fat. Your body draws upon those stores of fat-easily, if you're metabolically average; reluctantly, if you're metabolically resistant.

You may be a person for whom incessant, almost hourly food cravings have been a way of life. Remember Gordon Lingard, the patient who came to see me weighing 306 pounds? He used to say, "I'd always be planning the next binge. I'd be in a business meeting, very serious, a lot of money at stake, and one-half of my brain would be figuring out what I would eat, how much I would eat, when and where I would eat. Food had seized my brain."

Now that's enslavement to food. Gordon ultimately succeeded, and if he could do it, you can, too. Superhuman willpower is not required to do Atkins, only the wisdom to put yourself into a position where you won't need it.

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