What Didnt Happen and Then What

Ten years ago, I used to smile somewhat painfully at the blasts of anger aimed at me by my attackers. They said I didn't respect the low-fat gospel. "Eating a controlled carbohydrate, high-fat diet was dangerous," they said. "Cholesterol would elevate wildly. Heart attacks would sprout like mushrooms in the rain"

Then something strange happened: The last decade of the twentieth century transformed everything. Millions of people did Atkins. Physicians could not ignore the fact that not only did these bold nutritional adventurers lose weight and feel fine, but they nearly always also showed improvements in their blood-lipid chemistries, which-when it comes to predicting the future-are the holy grails of medicine.

No doubt many doctors raised as disciples of the low-fat creed looked at those results and wondered: Why? How does following Atkins do it? Why doesn't those people's cholesterol go up? Why do they seem so healthy? What does the guru of controlled carbohydrate eating know that I don't?

Many of them-because doctors are an inquiring bunch-have since started to learn what I already knew. It never was a secret formula hidden away in a locked laboratory. The "secret" has been published repeatedly right out in the open in many of the world's most respected medical journals. The research that has made controlled carbohydrate nutrition so popular today was trotting along steadily in the 1970s and 1980s; by the late 1990s it was moving at a fast canter, and it is positively galloping now.

So here it is, and you should know it.

My Life My Diet

My Life My Diet

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