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If you think you might have excessive yeast in your system, your best bet is, in addition to controlling your carbohydrate intake, to cut out all yeast- and mold-containing foods and wait to see if your symptoms clear up. Give it four to six weeks. If your symptoms do not improve, your problem may not be yeast alone. If you improve in some of the areas I mentioned earlier, then you may have identified a yeast problem or conceivably you may have removed a food to which you're allergic (see the next chapter). If you do improve after four to six weeks, cautiously reintroduce some of these foods to see if your symptoms return. It is possible that you may always have to consume yeast and mold foods in moderation.

Lingering symptoms that look yeast related are a reason to refrain from eating yeast- and mold-containing foods a while longer. If you live in a hot, humid climate, be aware that your house may contain a considerable quantity of mold. I've had patients benefit from installing a hepa-filter air purifier in their bedrooms so that they can decrease their allergy load of dust and mold spores, at least when they're asleep. A preferable solution would be to install such filters throughout the house, if your budget allows. (See "Good Housekeeping" on the opposite page for more ways to control mold in your home.)

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