Vive la Difference

A look at another Western culture is instructive. Only a few decades ago, the Frenchman with his butter-, cheese- and goose-liver-pate-laden diet had a heart disease rate sixty percent lower than his American peers. (The Frenchwoman did even better-she had the lowest heart disease rate in the western world.) The French also have far lower rates of obesity than Americans do, despite the fact that their diet is higher in fat. They eat comparable amounts of meat and fish, four times the butter and twice as much cheese as Americans. What does it all mean? Could it by any chance have anything to do with the fact that the per capita consumption of sugar in the United States was five times that of France?

By the way, the reason it's more helpful to compare American and French diets of a few decades ago is that the French have now discovered fast food. As their diets become closer to American ones, they are losing some of their health advantage.

Your Heart and Nutrition

Your Heart and Nutrition

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