Training Those Special People

Even if you overcome your temptations and the challenges of eating in places other than your own kitchen table, one of the obstacles you may find in the real world is people-the very same people upon whom you normally rely for advice and support. I'm talking about your spouse, family members and well-meaning friends, all of whom may have been so influenced by the media's fixation on low fat that they are certain Atkins has no validity. "Oh, that's a high-fat diet. It can't be good for you" may be the reflex response, said without any knowledge of the solid scientific research supporting the lipolytic approach to weight loss.

Although a particular person's advice may have been valuable in the past, you must reply that he or she can't know something until it has been examined thoroughly. If your naysayer is someone you live with or must deal with every day, then you know you need total cooperation as much as you need your own single-mindedness. If I were you, I would start by suggesting that the person read this book. You might say, "Since I need your support, why don't you study Dr. Atkins' arguments and his backup carefully and see if you can poke holes in the material?" If the naysayer refuses to read the whole book, insist that he or she at least reviews the impressive list of research papers in the reference section starting on page 503. This can be a particularly effective approach with a doubting physician.

You must gain the cooperation of everyone in your immediate environment because resisting temptation is a lot easier if you don't see and smell your favorite carbohydrates. I've mentioned the problem with nonbelievers, but what about those who basically say, "Losing weight is your problem; eating is my privilege"? Here you must apply the pragmatic take-charge motto: "If you can't lick 'em, get 'em to join you." My recommendation is to get your significant other involved in doing Atkins. If that person is also overweight, you will have a very good selling point-the prospect of painless weight loss. But if he's locked into the low-fat-will do-it fairy tale, you may suggest: "Why don't we try both approaches and see what is best suited to our metabolisms?" Make it into a friendly competition. I guarantee you that when you compare results your naysayer may quickly change his mind. (Results should include not just weight loss but disappearance of symptoms and whether the other program provides a feeling of satisfaction that will allow you to keep the weight off permanently.)

Now suppose you're in the situation where you're the only one who has to lose weight. You might suggest that your significant other follow Atkins along with you-by eliminating sugar, white flour, other nutrient-deficient carbohydrates, hydrogenated fats and processed foods from his regimen. His menus will include extra portions of veggies as well as whole grains, some of the starchy vegetables and moderate amounts of fruit. Chances are he will feel so much better that within a few weeks he'll be convinced.

One more very important message: Suppose that temptation takes the form of sugar-laden junk food that's in the house "for the kids." You're not doing them any favors by allowing them to eat this food. In my opinion, the most dangerous food additive on the planet is sugar in all its forms. Proper nourishment is one of the lifetime gifts you can give your children, so perhaps you should rethink your position. Who more than little ones with virtually their whole lives ahead of them stand to be damaged by a substance that helps provoke diabetes, hypertension and heart disease? Allowing kids to eat according to the pleasure principle and not according to the principle of health maintenance is probably not the kind of parenting you wish to do. So, make the resolution now: Sugar is not going to enter my home! Your whole family will benefit.

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