Time to Be Strict

Anyone who is committed to doing Atkins properly needs to follow these rules to the letter. Remember that it takes two to three days for the body to switch to fat burning. One cheat and you're back to a glucose-burning metabolism. You can lose the effects of two or three days of fat burning with one cheat. So if you have the misguided belief that you can do Atkins all week and then indulge over the weekend, don't expect to see dramatic results. Let me emphasize two key points:

1. You may have heard that you can eat as much as you desire of the acceptable foods. This is not the case. If you stuff yourself with steaks and cheeseburgers, some of that protein will convert to glucose in your body. Instead, simply eat the amount that allows you to feel satisfied. If you have been overeating for years, perhaps even decades, you may not know what being satiated feels like. Experiment and find that place where you say, "I could eat more, but I am satisfied." Know that you can have a snack in an hour or two if you wish.

2. Number 16, on page 231, with regard to exercise, was not put in there merely as decoration. Exercise is good for you, and it will help you lose. Moreover, it not only causes you to burn calories, but it accelerates your metabolism, increasing the speed with which every other part of a weight loss program works and keeps you on the road to better health.

Now to the meal plans. Follow this menu for the first week, then repeat it for the second week. Items with an are included in the "Food and Recipes" section starting on page 367.

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