The Role of Prescription Drugs

As much as metabolic abnormalities can cause a true ability to lose weight, an even greater number of people are stymied because of prescription medications they are taking. The shocking truth is that the vast majority of these weight loss-stymied victims are completely unaware that the drugs are holding back their weight loss. The breakthrough answer lies simply in getting off the medications that inhibit weight loss. One of complementary medicine's greatest contributions to good health is its ability to find safe and effective alternatives to many pharmaceuticals with unacceptable side effects.

Of the numerous prescription drugs that are frequently found to slow or prevent weight loss, these are the most common:

• Estrogens and most synthetic hormone replacement therapies (HRTs), including birth control pills

• Anti-depressant drugs

Insulin and insulin-stimulating drugs

• Anti-arthritis medications (including steroids)

• Diuretics and beta-blockers

Let's study them, item by item.

Get The Body Of Your Dreams

Get The Body Of Your Dreams

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