The Nitty Gritty of Maintenance

What you should be asking yourself is "What level of carbohydrate consumption do I feel best on?" That's a more rational goal than trying to find the highest number of carbs you can get away with. This may mean you actually stay slightly below your CCLM. Many people find they feel better on a low level of carbs-perhaps only 30 or 35 grams a day-than they do on the most liberal version of the plan. That might be two salads and a couple of helpings of other vegetables. Together with satisfying portions of protein and fat, such an approach could provide good nutrition if you were vigilant about opting for nutrient-dense foods.

Other people feel best on twice that amount of carbohydrate and have the metabolism to support it. That is why CCLMs can vary so greatly from one person to another. This is your opportunity to individualize a perfect eating plan for yourself. Remember, your best carbohydrate level is the one on which you can be happiest and healthiest without experiencing cravings and regaining weight.

My Life My Diet

My Life My Diet

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