The Fat Fast

The rationale behind the Kekwick diet is crystal clear: It forces the body into lipolysis so it burns its stores of fat. Lipolysis cannot take place if there is a significant source of glucose. Since all carbohydrates and some protein convert to energy by way of glucose, eliminating almost everything but fat from the diet forces even the most resistant body into lipolysis. That explains the ninety percent dietary fat component of the Kekwick diet. Lowering the caloric intake accelerates the need to burn up body fat-thus the 1,000calorie limit.

When I wrote the first edition of this book years ago, I realized that a small but intensely suffering segment of my readers would need to know how to overcome metabolic resistance. So I decided to make the Kekwick diet as enjoyable as possible. But no matter how I tried, the quantities were simply too small and the selection too limited to meet the satiety and tastiness criteria that I had been demanding for people following my program.

I gave it the name "Fat Fast" because it contained virtually no food except for fat. I tried it on scores of patients and was not surprised to observe how often it worked for those who were unable to lose in any other safe, drugless way. Nor was I surprised to hear that none of my patients relished the idea of staying on it. But ten more years of experience with the Fat Fast has taught me how to make Kekwick and Pawan's brilliant concept a truly useful technique with which to combat metabolic resistance.

The Fat Fast is one controlled carb program where you do have to count calories, I am afraid. You'll eat 1,000 calories a day, with seventy-five to ninety percent fat. Since frequent "feedings" prevent hunger better than three meals a day, I recommend five feedings, perhaps one every four hours, comprising 200 calories each. Because of the high fat content and frequent feedings, very few people on the Fat Fast experience much hunger. The stumbling block for some people is the absence of meals as we know them.

Let's look at some choices for a Fat Fast 200-calorie feeding. Each item equals approximately 200 calories:

• One ounce of macadamia nuts or macadamia nut butter

• Two ounces of cream cheese or Brie

• One ounce of tuna or chicken salad with two teaspoons of mayonnaise served in one-quarter of an avocado

• Two deviled eggs made with two teaspoons of mayonnaise

• Two ounces of sour cream and two tablespoons black or red caviar

• Two and a half ounces whipped heavy cream topped with sucralose zero-calorie syrup

• Two ounces of pate (check label for fat content)

• Two egg yolks (hard-boiled) with one tablespoon of mayonnaise

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