The Definition of a Plateau

If a pause in weight loss is a genuine plateau, I require that it meet the following criteria:

• You have experienced no weight loss or loss of inches for at least four weeks. (Increased muscle mass will deceive the scale because muscle weighs more than fat-but inches will continue to disappear.)

• You have not started a new medication, such as hormone therapy, altered your exercise regimen or made any other significant lifestyle change.

• You have examined your physical state carefully and are able to conclude that you have no symptoms indicative of a diet-related disorder (see Chapters 24-27) or a thyroid problem.

• You can take a close look at your eating habits and honestly say that you've adhered to the same healthy, controlled carbohydrate eating plan that has brought you success up to now.

Now let's examine these criteria one by one.

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My Life My Diet

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