Thats What Friends Are

Some people are lucky-they don't do Atkins alone. Ernesto and Donna Santiago had the perfect buddy system: The two both wanted to lose weight. Ernesto is a construction worker, and, at five feet eleven inches and 258 pounds, this 42-year-old was definitely hefty. At five feet nine inches tall Donna weighed 210. One day this 36-year-old saw pictures of herself on videotape and broke down in tears.

The two of them decided to come to the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine and soon began doing Atkins.

Ernesto says: "When I was tempted to cheat, Donna helped me stay strong. And when she was tempted, I'd help her. As they were slimming down, they started taking martial arts classes together, and this brought them even closer. After two months doing Atkins, they had each dropped 30 pounds. It took about eight months for Donna to reach 147 and Ernesto to get down to 182. I've seen pictures of them training in jujitsu, and they look like a pretty trim couple to me. Incidentally, Donna lowered her LDL cholesterol from 189 to 137 and raised her HDL from 58 to 74. And Ernesto lowered his LDL from 159 to 126 and raised his HDL from 42 to 62. No cardiologist could ask for anything more.

It is often easier to try something new if you have a partner to share your experience with. If you don't have one, come to our website at We'll serve as your surrogate partner and help reinforce that your efforts will provide you with a healthier life. Or find a friend or co-worker to support each other's efforts.

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Lose Weight Today With Yoga

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