Rules of Pre Maintenance

•Increase your daily carb intake by no more than 10 grams each week. •Add new foods one at a time.

•Eliminate a new food if it provokes weight gain, return of physical symptoms lost during Induction, increased appetite, cravings or water retention.

•If you gain weight, drop back to the next lowest level of carb intake.

•Be sure to continue eating adequate amounts of fat and protein.

•Continue to take your vitamin and mineral supplements regularly.

These reasons point out exactly why Pre-Maintenance is so important. This is the phase of Atkins during which you acclimate to the carbohydrate moderation you will need to practice for the rest of your life. Not only are you losing less weight and doing so at a slower rate, you are burning less of your body fat. Thus, the natural appetite suppression provided by lipolysis is reduced considerably. But as long as you are not skipping meals and continue to lose weight, you are controlling your blood sugar and burning fat, so your appetite should not be out of control. If it is, you have gone too far and you need to go back a few notches.

As you may have inferred, while you are on PreMaintenance, in all likelihood you are no longer in ketosis. However, you are probably still burning fat rather than storing it-at least some of the time. As you increase your consumption of carbs, your body switches back and forth between lipolysis and glucosis, between burning fat and burning glucose from carbohydrate. You'll want to eat a bit more food, and a bit more is fine for most people. But heed the lessons you have learned about the difference between being satiated and being stuffed: This is no time to begin overeating. You have nothing to make up for. Unlike low-fat diets, this nutritional approach hasn't caused you any pain or deprivation.

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