Nutritional Approaches to Health Problems

The most common health complications faced by overweight men and women are complications that arise from the risk factors associated with blood-sugar disturbances, such as hypoglycemia and diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. For these conditions I commonly prescribe the nutrients described below. Again, I remind you that these dosages represent what I often prescribe and might in fact prescribe for you if you suffer from one of these complications:

• For hypoglycemia: Basic #3, my Blood Sugar Formula, plus chromium (800 to 1,000 mcg per day), Lglutamine, zinc, selenium, magnesium, all of the B complex vitamins and extra biotin. Alternatively, I use Atkins Formula HF-12.

• For diabetes: Basic #3, the Blood Sugar Formula, plus extra chromium, zinc, selenium, inositol, CoQ10, biotin, vanadyl sulfate, magnesium. Alternatively, I use Atkins Formula DM- 17.

• For lowering cholesterol or reduction of elevated cholesterol: Lecithin granules, chromium, pantethine, niacin (inositol hexanicotinate) and other B complex factors, garlic, vitamin C, GLA (borage, primrose, or black-currant oils), EPA (fish oil), beta-sitosterol, guggulipid, glucomannan, guar gum, pectin, psyllium husks and oat bran. Alternatively, I use the VitaNutrient "Cholesterol" Formula or Cholesterol Gold plus the Essential Oils Formula.

• For elevated triglycerides: Similar to the list for cholesterol, except that L-carnitine and Omega-3 oils are emphasized. Also, because of the correlation of triglycerides and hyperinsulinism, the nutrients helpful in diabetes will also prove helpful here.

• For hypertension: Magnesium (preferably as orotate, taurate, arginate or aspartate), taurine, pyridoxal 5 phosphate or pyridoxine, garlic, essential fatty acids (GLA and EPA), CoQ10 and potassium. Alternatively, I use Atkins Essential Oils Formula and Blood Pressure Formula.)

• For coronary heart disease: The abovementioned magnesium compounds, L-carnitine, vitamin E, CoQ10, bromelain, garlic, and chromium polynicotinate. Alternatively, I use formula CV-4 and Essential Oils Formula.

Note: In Dr. Atkins' Vita-Nutrient Solution, I supply the breakdown of all the Atkins formulas, the exact quantities of nutrients and greater detail on what these important substances can do for you.

I hope I have convinced you to learn about vitanutrients. While controlling your intake of carbohydrate gives you a metabolic edge, similarly, the targeted use of nutritional supplements arms you with another kind of edge. Learn about them and how to use them properly. When you do, you will enjoy a double health advantage.

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