Number of States in Which 35 or More of Adults Are Overweight

J9TO 1992 1990 1999

Source: Enns, C. W., et al. Trends in Food and Nutrient Intakes by Adults; NFCS J977-78, CSFfl J989-91, and CSFU 1994-95. Family Economics and Nutrition Review 10(4) ยก997.

Common sense dictates that when a lot of people try the same answer to the same problem and most of them fail, there's something wrong with their solution. You may have tried a low-fat diet. I'm sure you've seen other people try one. After a promising start, they often end up as failures.

Only people with remarkable self-discipline or those who really don't get pleasure from eating are likely to succeed on low-fat diets. Atkins represents a completely different way.

When you do Atkins, you eliminate virtually all refined sugar and flour and processed foods. Instead, you're in an alliance with Mother Nature, who really did provide for us very well. You bought this book to lose weight, and I'm going to have to make you healthier, too. When doing Atkins, you couldn't separate those results, even if you wanted to.

My Life My Diet

My Life My Diet

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