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Do you believe that a man can go from gaining 0.5 pound a week to losing 3.9 pounds a week without significantly altering the number of calories he consumes? Let me introduce you to Harry Kronberg. I want you to pay close attention to his story and try not to give way to disbelief, because these results are real. Harry Kronberg, the 39-year-old manager of a lumberyard, came to me with a heart arrhythmia and a desperate weight problem. He had been chubby even as a child, but now things were out of hand. A few years before, he had gone to a low-fat diet center and had managed to drop from 245 to 185 pounds. Sounds good. But before long, Harry had gained it all back with an added dividend of another 35 pounds.

That's right, when Harry came to see me, he tipped the scales at 280 on a five-foot six-and-a-half-inch frame. In the previous thirty-five months, eating a relatively starchy, lowfat diet of approximately 2,100 calories a day, he had gained 70 pounds, exactly 2 pounds a month.

Harry started Atkins, radically restricting his intake of carbohydrates while eating freely of meat, fish, fowl and eggs. Harry was told he could eat as much as he needed to feel satisfied. The calorie count was strikingly similar to what he had been eating on his previous diet. Three months into his new regimen, he had lost 50.5 pounds (almost 4 pounds a week), and then continued to lose at a steady 3 pounds weekly. His heart symptoms vanished, his total cholesterol level dropped from a mid-range 207 to a dramatically lower 134 and his triglycerides went from 134 to 31.

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Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution

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