Now it's your turn. Do you want an edge, a bonus and the odds on your side? You could bet the ranch on it. May the Edge be with you.

• Only by doing Atkins can you lose weight eating the same number of calories on which you used to gain weight.

• Burning body fat has a metabolic advantage over so called "balanced" or "low-fat" diets.

• The breakthrough concept of fat-mobilization was first discovered over forty years ago.

• Numerous studies have reinforced the metabolic advantage of burning fat for energy.

My Life My Diet

My Life My Diet

I lost over 60 pounds and 4+ inches off my waist without pills, strenuous exercise, or any of the things that the diet experts tell you to do...and I did it in less than 4 months! If you have the desire, and can read through my e-book , then this is for you! I could have easily made it a lot more difficult, with stacks of information that people will never read, but why?

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