Hunger Is Reduced

One of the most attractive features of Atkins is that lipolysis, and the resulting production of ketones if you have triggered the secondary process of ketosis, helps suppress your appetite. Frankly, it first attracted me because back in the 1960s, when I was a young doctor with an ever-increasing paunch, I wanted to slim down. But I knew very well that I couldn't stand being hungry for very long. I had too big an appetite and too little willpower, two facts that haven't changed much.

When I realized that the body could satisfy its hunger by burning its own fat as fuel, I thought I saw an escape hatch. After the first forty-eight hours, the body suppresses hunger and appetite diminishes. Another benefit of lipolysis-and the resulting state of ketosis if your carbohydrate level is low enough-is that it has certain metabolic similarities to fasting.

But there is a significant difference from fasting. A prolonged fast can be dangerous and has one severe metabolic disadvantage: The body burns not only fat for energy, it also burns protein. This means that it burns off some of the body's lean muscle tissue, which is clearly not desirable. Investigation has shown that on an eating plan where you are in lipolysis, and the carbohydrate intake is low enough to result in ketosis, virtually no lean tissue is lost, only fatty tissue. And that's why, for extremely overweight individuals, it is possible to be in lipolysis, and at the carbohydrate level that creates ketosis, for six months to a year, and confidently know that they will suffer no ill effects of any kind. These enlightened (and soon to be lightened) people are able to consume their own fat for energy and feel good while they're doing it.

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