Group B I Crave Food Always

• Do you have an inexplicable obsession with food?

• Do you have a habit of eating late at night after dinner?

• Do you constantly crave sweets, pasta, bread and other high-carbohydrate foods?

• Do you nibble all day long when food is available?

• Do you have a strong desire to eat again within two hours of eating a filling meal?

• Do you consider yourself a compulsive eater?

• Have you ever said, "I only wish I could control my eating behavior"?

• Do you wish you had more control over how much food you eat?

• Do you have specific symptoms of ill health, such as the ones I'm about to list, that diminish or vanish as soon as you eat? Do you suffer from:


inexplicable drops in your energy level throughout the day? often overwhelming bouts of fatigue, especially in the afternoon? mood swings? difficulty concentrating?

sleep difficulties-whether the need for lots of sleep or a habit of waking from a sound sleep?

anxiety, sadness and depression for which there's no obvious explanation? dizziness, trembling or palpitations? brain fog and loss of mental acuity?

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My Life My Diet

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