Group A I Really Dont Eat That Much

• Are you overweight despite the fact that you don't eat that much?

• Do you follow standard weight loss diets to the letter, yet make no headway losing weight, or get stuck far short of your goal?

• Have you noticed that many slim people definitely consume more food and more calories than you do?

• Are you just plain unpleasantly hungry on low-calorie/ low-fat diets?

• Do you find the amount of food you eat is really the least you can take in without feeling physically unsatisfied?

• Do you feel unfulfilled when you finish a so-called "balanced" meal?

• Do you find that when you eat the amount of food that feels just right, you don't lose-or you even gain?

• Do you find yourself losing and regaining the same 10 to 15 pounds?

• Do you gain weight even though you eat natural, low fat foods?

• Have you often said, "I'm really very disciplined; it must be my metabolism"?

• Do you ever wonder if your weight problem could be hereditary?

• Do you eat to make yourself feel better?

My Life My Diet

My Life My Diet

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