Food Preferences

Fortunately, most people enjoy protein food. If you are a strict vegetarian, you really can't do the Induction phase. (The three later phases could be managed but the food selections on a regimen that restricts carbohydrate and simultaneously excludes animal foods are limited.) In general, I've found that a person who will not eat any animal foods will not do Atkins permanently. They find it too boring. But if you are willing to eat fish and chicken, plus eggs and cheese, you can certainly do Atkins without eating red meat.

The rest of you can enjoy a delicious and satisfying way of eating. That is not to say that many people don't miss pasta and bread, as well as fruit and juice, the first two weeks. Soon enough in the later phases you will be able to add back fruit and even special controlled carb baked goods.

So why are people willing to do without foods that used to be so important to them to continue on Atkins? Simply this: The upside is so much larger than the downside. Weight loss, of course, but feeling physically better and in control of your eating are also paramount issues. I challenge you to tell me honestly that you do not feel better now than you did two weeks ago. And this is just the beginning.

My Life My Diet

My Life My Diet

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