Facts and Fallacies About the Atkins Nutritional Approach

I'm almost certain that you are reading this book because you know of someone who has lost weight-and likely overcome other health problems-by following the individualized nutritional approach you've been reading about here. And you've decided you want to feel good, look good and be revitalized, too.

But you may be wondering why not everyone acknowledges the fact (and it is a fact) that controlling carbohydrates the Atkins way is the ideal eating strategy for losing weight and promoting good health. One reason the Atkins Nutritional Approach has not been a part of mainstream teaching (although the tide is beginning to change, as well it should) has been misinformation.

If you've encountered these critical articles suggesting that Atkins is dangerous, not to mention ineffective, you may have mixed feelings about starting a lifetime of controlled carbohydrate eating. Let me ease your misgivings: It is clear to me-and to every doctor I've met who has had adequate experience with Atkins-that this program should be the "treatment of choice" not only for obesity but for diabetes and several other diet-related disorders. The misinformation saddens me, because it has prevented so many people in need from using and benefiting from the best treatment available. In effect, these ill-informed reviews are propagating epidemic, life-threatening conditions.

That is why I am taking the time here, before we start "Part Two: How to Do Atkins-Today and for Life," to address these criticisms. I don't want you to have any lingering questions or doubts as you read through the remaining sections of the book. Too much is at stake: namely, your health and well-being.

Modern medical history contains few examples of such vast discrepancies between what is said in print and the truth. You may find that the explanations in this chapter sound a bit scientific. This was done on purpose. I want you to have the full complement of information at your disposal to counter any challenge you get. Armed with information gleaned from my forty years of clinical experience, and with the support of specific scientific studies, you will be able to hold your own-and likely to sway opinion-in any debate that comes your way.

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