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I fear that many of you think of diabetes as a rather innocuous condition that requires very little self-denial. "Oh, well," you may say, "if my blood sugar is out of control, I can take a pill to control it." Or if you are further along the path to diabetes, you might even say, "I'll just have to take insulin and watch the way I eat." Don't flirt with that radically incorrect viewpoint. Diabetes can be an innocuous condition all right, but only if you eat appropriately. If you don't, diabetes can be a heartbreaking scourge. It's the largest single cause of new cases of blindness in the United States. It's also the leading cause of kidney failure, a giant stepping-stone toward heart disease, and can so severely damage the circulatory system that eighty-six thousand Americans yearly suffer amputations.' I won't catalogue any more horrors. Instead, heed my many years of clinical experience: If you are at risk for diabetes, you have to make a lifetime pledge to stay away from those foods known to turn it into a grim collection of maladies. I can think of few illnesses I would sooner avoid.

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