Diabetes May Be Creeping Up on

Traditionally physicians have diagnosed diabetes in people in their fifties and sixties. According to a recent survey, however, the average age of onset in the baby boomer generation is now 37!

The crucial point is that whether you get this illness in your thirties or in your fifties, you've been building up to it over decades. Type II diabetes never springs forth out of nowhere. We eat our way toward it, three meals a day, a thousand meals a year, ten thousand meals a decade. Type II diabetes is:

• frequently diet-induced.

• almost always completely preventable.

• almost always convertible to a latent condition if caught early enough.

• virtually always improvable and partially reversible, even late in the illness.

It is only partially reversible because, once you have it, proper eating habits may keep it under control, but such eating habits cannot necessarily heal all the damage that has already occurred.

Diabetes is insidious. It exists as pre-diabetes, usually for several decades. It is during this period that a simple glucose-tolerance test (GTT) can establish its presence. Although the ADA currently estimates that one diabetic in three is unaware that he or she has the condition, we find, by doing GTTs on patients with symptoms and/or a family history, approximately three prediabetes for every one with established diabetes.

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