Carbohydrate Ladder

1. More salad and other vegetables on the acceptable foods list

2. Fresh cheeses (as well as more aged cheese)

3. Seeds and nuts

4. Berries

5. Wine and other spirits low in carbs

6. Legumes

7. Fruits other than berries and melons

8. Starchy vegetables

9. Whole grains

Each week you'll go up another level, adding another 5gram increment until eventually you'll reach a number at which you stop losing. That's how you find your CCLL. Above it, you lose no more, or you begin to gain. Below it, you continue to lose. The lower your metabolic resistance to weight loss and the greater your level of physical activity, the higher that number will be.

Once you calculate your CCLL, you'll be able to say to another Atkins follower, "My Critical Carbohydrate Level for Losing is 45 grams. What's yours?" Or it might be higher-say 50, or as low as 25. To get an idea of the range that is possible, see the "Carbohydrate Gram Levels and Metabolic Resistance for Losing" table opposite. As I've mentioned before, metabolic resistance is influenced by age, gender, activity level, hormone issues, level of physical activity, prescription medications and other factors, so the range in CCLLs can be great.

If you eat beyond your CCLL, your scale and measuring tape will herald that you've crossed a line and you'll make adjustments accordingly. Most people simply drop back down to the prior level of carb consumption.

Lipolysis testing strips can also help you ascertain your CCLL in many cases. They generally stop turning color at a point a little bit below your CCLL. When that happens, your CCLL will be only a few carbohydrate grams higher. However, you should be aware that once you are consuming 50 or more grams of carbohydrates a day, the LTS will no longer register a change in color. So long as you continue to lose pounds and inches and experience no recurrence of your pre-Atkins levels of hunger, cravings and other symptoms, rest assured that all is well. You are still functioning on a primarily fat-burning metabolism even though you may not be producing enough ketones to show up in your urine.

You should be aware that everybody hits plateaus-periods during which no weight comes off. We will discuss this occurrence in depth in the next chapter.

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