The revision of this book was a massive team effort. Michael Bernstein, senior vice president of Atkins Health and Medical Information Services at Atkins Nutritionals, Inc., led the team. Olivia Bell Buehl, the company's information director, coordinated and edited the copy. Contributing writer Bill Fryer reworked much of the manuscript.

A heartfelt thanks goes to the following employees at my companies, all of whom contributed time, energy and expertise to this effort-At Atkins Nutritionals, Inc.: Valerie Berkowitz, MS, RD, CDE; Cynthia Cicchesi; Rebecca Freedman; Stephanie Grozdea; Colette Heimowitz, MS; Richard Hirsch; Kathy Maguire; Dan O'Brien; Tamara Richardson and Matt Spolar. At the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine: Geri Brewster, RD, MPH, CDN; Jacqueline Eberstein, RN; Patrick Fratellone, MD; Eva Katz, RD, MPH and Aliceson Swigart, CCN, CPT. A special thanks goes to Paul D. Wolff, the chief executive officer of our company, and Scott Kabak, the chief operating officer, both of whom were instrumental in getting this project off the ground.

The book also benefited from the contributions of Lynn Prowitt-Smith and Janet Blake.

Finally, this project would not have occurred had it not been for the contribution of literary agent Mike Cohn and the superb efforts of associate publisher and editor Jennifer Hershey and her team at Avon Books/HarperCollins.

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