Regimen to jumpStart Weight Loss

The heat is on. You've been invited to a friend's beach house two weeks from now. But you're spilling out of all your bathing suits; some of them look as though they might actually burst. Crying won't burn up enough calories to shed those pounds. You need a high-powered solution that will last a lifetime so you never have to repeat this misery.

Your problem is simple. You don't know how to start. Even though you've read everything in this book so far-you still want a bit of help to get going. Truly, I wish you could call me up or come see me, and we could work together to change your life. But we know that is not practical. So, in this chapter I give you some very specific information, and some very specific meal plans. Follow them to the letter and you will be well on your way to feeling good, looking good and being healthier. And well on your way to fitting into those bathing suits.

I've made the point many times in this book that Atkins is an individualized nutritional approach. But it has been my experience that certain people succeed much better if given a strict regimen to follow. It is likely that if you eat exactly what's presented to you here, you will achieve weight loss. So, at the end of this chapter is a week-long menu that spells out precisely what to eat. If you've opened the book directly to this chapter, the following instructions, before the menu, will be very important. For the rest of you, they will be a good review.

Remember, I don't advise losing more than one pound a day. (People with a lot of excess weight may lose more than a pound a day in the beginning. And you may very well lose water weight this fast in the beginning, and that is also okay.) That's about as fast as a normal human body can dump pounds safely and comfortably. Go faster, and you'll probably pay. Your metabolism won't have had time to adjust, you'll be losing an excessive amount of water and minerals and you may well feel fairly awful. Back off, for heaven's sake, and don't say I didn't warn you. Your body has its own wisdom, so listen to it.

And, just in case you actually did the unthinkable and skipped the beginning of the book to get to this chapter, let me repeat one important health warning: None of the weight loss phases of Atkins is appropriate for pregnant women or nursing mothers, and people with severe kidney disease should not do Atkins at all.

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