Matter of Morale

Psychologically, have you made a firm commitment? Don't start something this important with the shallow notion of "Oh well, I'll give it a whirl." At the least, you should have decided that you're going to commit two weeks of your life-without deviation or compromise-to doing Atkins.

If you can commit yourself to that, I expect great things for you. By the end of two weeks, you'll be walking with new energy, getting out of bed in the morning with new zest and joyously anticipating your encounters with the bathroom scale. You'll be so impressed with how you look and feel, continuing with the program for life will be a foregone conclusion!

A note about that new energy and zest: Are you ready to increase your current level of physical activity? Another important step in getting ready is to read Chapter 22 and have your exercise plan in place. (You may not want to implement this plan, however, until after the first two days on Atkins. In that forty-eight-hour period, you may feel tired and a bit off-kilter as your body makes its conversion from burning glucose to burning fat as its primary fuel.)

Fat Burning 101

Fat Burning 101

Easily Burn Fat and Feel Great. Every single state in America has reported an increase in obesity levels for 2009? Not a single state has recorded an obesity rate of less than 20%, and the states are not expecting those levels to go down anytime soon.

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